A Simple Confidence Booster for You

5 minutes a day can make you a more confident and productive individual.

Confidence has many definitions—

Uh, not really. I’m pretty sure it’s clearly defined in the dictionary.

I just mean that its definition can depend on the context in which you are using it, such as how to think about confidence in a way that helps create it for you.

So what’s your definition of confidence, smart guy?

Confidence is your belief in your ability or your potential to accomplish something. I think this definition is useful for a couple of reasons. For one, it eliminates the black and white notion that either you must succeed at something or fail at something. We sometimes fight our battles with a predetermined conclusion that we are definitely going to either win or lose.

There are of course highly successful people who will tell you that they 100% believed that they would succeed at something before they accomplished this. Athletes, for example, may tell you that they were completely convinced that their team was going to win the big game. If they do in fact win, then it seems like vindication that they were correct in their belief. Of course, the reality is that the possibility of them losing was very much on the table, and the result could have been the exact opposite of what they believed was inevitable.

I believe that no one is going to finish reading this article.

Well, let’s hope you’re wrong.

So get to the point already.

I want you to take out a sheet of paper and write down everything you have accomplished in life. Break it up into categories  (e.g. work, things you’ve created, people you’ve helped, number of knives you can juggle). Go back through your entire life for material and make note of it all. I think you’ll surprise yourself when you discover that you’ve done a lot more than you initially believed.

Take your compiled list and transfer it to the notes section of your smartphone. Or if you hate technology, you can fold up the paper and carry it in your pocket. Spend 5 minutes a day reviewing this list. I recommend going over one category per day, so you can really give each area the attention it deserves. It may feel silly and self-serving at first, but if you keep this up for a couple of weeks your confidence levels will skyrocket.

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