Scourge Ship

Desperate for funding, the CEO of a biotechnology company uses a cruise ship to perform a live test of a new bioweapon. Like many of its passengers, the refurbished Grand Decadence looks fancy on the outside but is broken on the inside. After the engines fail and the toilets stop working, the passengers experience a new level of misery they could not possibly have imagined. Their only hope is Martin Walker, a germaphobic doctor with a troubled marriage who must keep his family safe while battling his worst nightmare.

Editorial Reviews

Chambers infuses his novel with terrific dollops of medical science, wit, and bathroom humor (often literally), presenting audiences with a revenge blockbuster Stephen King would enjoy. Casual readers, however, should be warned that Chambers truly relishes crafting gross-out passages, including one at a buffet in which a vomiting woman “rotated from left to right as the torrent arced across the sneeze guards like a pressure wash.” Also impressive is the author’s pistonlike control over character development and pace; the better readers understand the horrendous Veronica and the odd Capt. Brooks, the faster they will turn pages to learn their fates. And because awful luck follows Martin throughout the ship (including fistfights and marital infidelity), know that the finale is a foul yet sublime missive to fans of raunch everywhere. A uniquely raw medical thriller, brimming with perfect comedic timing. – Kirkus Reviews


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